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  1. With all my heart: Thank you for the treasures of this site!
    I couldnt believe it when I not only found the texts of "Looking Back" - but found out about your incredible generosity, that makes it possible to read along for free.
    I just finished Part III some minutes ago, still with tears in my eyes.
    So very, very moving to read these last (?) published words from Maugham about his marriage, writing, travels, friends - not to mention the "PS" about the beautiful experience he had in Venice 1958, when looking at Veroneses huge paiting "The Feast in the House of Levi" - the old Maugham to his amazement noticed, that Jesus turned his head and looked right at him (the declared atheist).

    "Looking Back" from 1962 does certainly not seem to me like a senile, bitter, vindictive old mans work, as some critics have claimed.
    But as a remarkably, modern way of telling us about life from his perspective.
    Fair ? Who knows.
    Moving to me? Absolutely.

    Thanks again. I am "Looking Forward" to read much more from your wonderful site.

    Best regards
    Kirsten (Copenhagen, Denmark)

    1. Thanks Kirsten! There is nothing more pleasurable to me than my readers finding this site helpful or pleasant or useful to them.


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