My Maugham Collection Concordance Library is moving...

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties...

Ahem...I know, I moan when I see this, but now since it is happening to me I become quite tolerant.

The short of it is that I find Google Sites terribly restrictive about design possibilities and I have moved My Maugham Collection Concordance Library (MMCCL), when it has barely settled, to blogger.

The trick is that the native search function in blogger is not as good as in Google Sites... Anyway, as Maugham would say, all these technicalities don't concern the users.

As users there are a few things you will need to know:

  • All links to MMCCL are updated to its new home
  • If you want to search you should do it here [Update: As of 22 Jan., the old site is no longer functional. MMCCL is at Search box is up, but still to be improved.]
  • When the search function is fixed in the new home, I will delete the old one. Deleted, 22 Jan.

Hopefully, more texts will be added very soon!