Just a short note about the reorganization of the blog. I have cleaned up the pages and reorganized them into Maugham ePortal. This fancy name is for what were previously called the Free eBooks pages, separated by their genres: Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Non-Fiction, and Media (videos). Criticism of Maugham and Useful Links (which is dying for an update...) also fall under this category. Their addresses have not changed, so if some of you who have very kindly backlinked do not have to change anything.

Reference Materials contain ongoing projects, such as the registration of Performances of Maugham's Plays, Poetry Referenced by Maugham, and Editions of Of Human Bondage, which, regrettably, are on-going slowly.

I hope this more "logical" conception of knowledge, an obsession of mine, would make it easier to locate resources and materials.