A Maugham Medallion

Maugham Medallion
W. Somerset Maugham Medallion

I found this by chance one day while browsing the internet. I had not read anything about it before and I have not been able to find any mention of the medallion. It is described in Norman Moore's catalogue:
Brass medallion with image of Maugham based on the famous Karsh portrait. W. Somerset Maugham lettered around the circumference.

Yousuf Karsh's portrait of Maugham:

Portrait of W. Somerset Maugham by Yoursel Karsh
Portrait of W. Somerset Maugham by Yousuf Karsh

The portrait is used as the cover of the April issue of Wisdom in 1957, so it must have been done before then.

But that's all there is to it. I assume it was produced for celebration or commemoration of some sort. I have seen this on sale from time to time and the price is very reasonable.

Though not a collector of memorabilia, I have to admit that this is an interesting object to possess.


  1. Hi, Yes I saw this too. I passed on it for several reasons, but mainly because I don't think the coin is a very good likeness. I'm not big on memorabilia either, but I recently got an original Paramount Pictures movie poster from 1950 for "Trio." It was very inexpensive, and I liked that of all the other posters for more successful films made from Maugham's work I should find this one.

    1. It's quite neat though to hold it in your hand... For a few dollars it's not a bad bargain. I would like to know more about the occasion for which they made it. Haven't been able to find any information.

  2. I have one for possible sale in UK if anyone's interested. Benjy417@hotmail.com


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