Short Stories. English and Irish Authors Read Their Own Work (The Spoken Word)

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Short Stories: English & Irish Authors Read Their Own Work (The Spoken Word)

This is a review of this three CD set The Spoken Word. Short Stories: English and Irish Authors Read Their Own Work, which contains tracks of Maugham reading his own short stories: "Salvatore" and "The Luncheon." You will also find details of the content in this collection of historic recordings.

Maugham's Short Stories

This is the first volume of the audio recording that I reviewed some time ago. In this volume, Maugham reads two short stories: "Salvatore" and "The Luncheon," both collected in Cosmopolitans (1936). The recordings were broadcasted on the same day: 20 February 1951. Maugham was by then seventy-seven years old. It is delightful to hear him read his own stories and indeed he is a very good (vocal) teller of tales. I wonder if there is any recording by him when he was younger; I am curious as to how he sounded like.

There are all together 3 CDs; the content is as follows:

Disc 1
1. W. Somerset Maugham - Salvatore
2. Frank O'Connor - The Idealist
3. Phyllis Bentley - Beckermonds
4. Seán Ó'Faoláin - The Fur Coat
5. V. S. Prichett - The Fly in the Ointment

Disc 2
1. Edna O'Brien - The Small-Town Lovers
2. W. Somerset Maugham - The Luncheon
3. Harold Pinter - Tea Party
4. Algernon Blackwood - The Destruction of Smith
5. Kingsley Amis - The Green Man Revisited

Disc 3
1. Lord Dunsany - The Pearly Beach
2. Algernon Blackwood - The Texas Farm Disappearance
3. Angela Carta - The Snow Child
4. A. E. Coppard - The Princess of Kingdom Gone
5. William Trevor - An Evening with John Joe Dempsey

The content is as robust as an olla podrida, cheap, filling, and satisfactory; a square meal if you like. You may want to check out Short Stories: English and Irish Authors Read Their Own Work (The spoken Word)from AmazonUK instead, depending on your location.