Orientations (London: T. Fisher Unwin), 1899.

I do not know how many short stories Maugham wrote all together; as far I am aware, some of them were published in magazines and had been forgotten. I have got all the short stories collections up to Here and There because I consider the last three Quartet, Trio and Encore as repetitions of those that have been included in earlier publications. One problem I found when I was looking for them was the lack of information of the short stories that these collections include, so I will list the table of contents for each of them.

The Orientations include the following short stories:

  • The Punctiliousness of Don Sebastian
  • A Bad Example
  • De Amicitia
  • Faith
  • The Choice of Amyntas
  • Daisy

It is published by Unwin and thus is physically different from the later trademark editions by Heinemann and Doubleday.

It is not a stated first edition, but I believe it has not been printed more than once in the same year.

I have not seen any that comes with a dust jacket. For those who simply want to read the stories, it has been digitalised at Internet Archive and is available in different formats.

Update: I have since found out more about this copy. Please read the new post on Orientations.